Powerful Prayers: Is there a secret?

Monday, December 31, 2007

Let me encourage you to read the following blog on The Secret to a Better Prayer Life. I believe this to be an awesome example of the marriage between doctrine and application.

Here are just a few morsels that hopefully will lead you to read
his whole entry:
  1. The more we know God, the better equipped we are to praise him for who he is.

  2. Good theological meditation of both the glory of God and the heinousness of our corruption will be of great assistance in both knowing and mortifying your sins.

  3. Our thanksgiving will only be as weak as our theology....You should run out of time before you run out of reasons to thank God. Systematic theology is a great help here, because through it we can see much more of God’s giving, and our unworthiness.

  4. Good theology can change our stale list of requests into a more meaningful interaction with God. How? At the very least, good theology teaches us to what we may appeal in God when making our requests. [For example:] Because God is righteous, we can appeal to him to vindicate the oppressed and persecuted.