When the Narcissist will not Weep, Part 4

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Cure: Seeking Sight

Here are some steps that you can take to see.

  1. Realize the reality of suffering in the world. Take note of the current atrocities in the world. Suffering is global. This will aid in the dissolution of the narcissism. There is a whole world of suffering.

  2. Cultivate relationships. Work to strengthen your friendships. Strive to know your friends better. Share your own suffering with them.

  3. Repent and pray for sight. Ask God to open your eyes to the world of suffering and the suffering around you. Pray that he gives you compassion.

  4. Be hospitable. Open your home to others to develop relationships. Invite them over for a meal. Spending time with them will cultivate a genuine and deep love for them. It may also be the best way to comfort the suffering.

  5. Pray for the suffering and read your bible. Prayer and the reading of the Scriptures can unite our hearts to the purposes of God. We should pray and read strategically. As we communicate with God, he will soften you.

  6. Think deeply about things. If you are weak in your understanding of God, then you will be useless in the war on suffering.
These are not exhaustive but are meant to be a start.


Anonymous said...

helpful thoughts brother,

Dan Richardson